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if a guy uses anal toys?

Question by Jessie P: if a guy uses anal toys?
can he still be straight?
good cuz i tried an anal toy the other day it was great but i thought i might be gay even though i like women.

Best answer:

Answer by God is #1
i think

but i wouldnt do it
but it might start to feel really good and you dont want to do it by yourself anymore and you might turn bisexual

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  1. duh!!!

  2. ooooh la la <33

  3. yeah he could still be straight because he doesnt like men he just likes his ass being played with…

    It is a little queer though.

  4. hes fu**ed up in the head

  5. I’m a bisexual. That doesn’t make you gay. It’s just physical pleasure. The attraction sexually to a guy and the decision to commit sexual to the same sex means that you are bisexual/homosexual.

  6. The Snappy Miss Pippi Von Trapp


    Homosexuality can never defined simply by anal penetration. It’s all about the genitalia of the people involved, so the man in question is only homosexual if he’s with another male. As an example, I’m 100% gay — even though I loathe anal sex.

  7. I'm God & You're Not

    Yes. Some straight guys just like the feeling of anal toys, considering that’s where the male G-spot is.

  8. Each to their own. But no it doesn’t make him gay. Gay is an attraction to the same sex only. This is just something he likes. But it doesn’t necessarily make him straight either.

  9. perpetualinibriation

    of course he can still be straight, some men like the sensation anal toys give them because they touch the prostate and that gives them a more intense sensation during foreplay and/or sex. In fact a guys most arousal sensitive part is the area between the scrotum and anus, that patch of skin directly between their legs. If you think you’re guy is gay, that just means he’s attracted to men, everyone is different

  10. Yes a male can use anal toys and be very straight it doesn’t make him gay in the slightest and if he continues to use them no it doesn’t mean he will turn gay, most straight men use anal toys simply for the pleasure. and men who do this are not weird or strange even some married men and their wives make it apart of their sex life, it is a more common practise then what people think.

  11. actually you can find girls that are into that kinky siht and then you can enjoy that while she enjoys you… i know i liked it..

  12. THE Fabulous Glitter

    a guy who uses anal toys can still be straight, i guess, but girls(or women) don’t find it particularly attractive(especially not me) . but if you feel comfortable using anal toys and you’re not gay, more power to you. but the only way to answer that question is you answering it yourself. i mean really sit down and ask yourself “am i gay? could the toys possibly mean i’m secretly attracted to guys?” then, and only then, can your question be answered.
    i hope this helps you. good luck!!!

  13. sorrowlaughed25

    Our stimulation point is our perineum which is under our ball sack which can be aroused through the anus.

    It doesnt make you gay

  14. It ain’t no big deal and no your not gay. My girl puts fingers up there every so often and oh boy does it feel good.

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