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Honestly ladies, can a sex toy replace a man?

Question by Mike Laz: Honestly ladies, can a sex toy replace a man?
I hear this a lot but I question its validity.

Best answer:

Answer by Tessera la Contessa™
Only certain men.

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  1. Depends on the man, and on the sex toy. Some men are irreplaceable-in other cases, a woman couldn’t live without a regular supply of batteries

  2. No. Absolutely not.

    In some ways, a sex toy can be better than a man. It does what you want it to do, and then you put it away. It is as big as you want it or as small as you want it, and you are in complete control. If it breaks, you throw it away.

    But don’t get mad …

    A sex toy serves for one thing. Vaginal stimulation.

    Men have a lot more functions than that. You can’t love or be loved by a sex toy. You can’t build a life with one, you can’t hold one, you can’t dream with one. And you can’t make love with one.

    If all you want is vaginal stimulation, I suggest that you buy a sex toy. You can spare yourself, and any sex-partner the drama of being used for sex, and the risks for disease and pregnancy.

    But if you want a real human experience, to connect deeply with another human being, no mechanical object can do that.

  3. Jade is Watching

    Nope. Sex toys are nice and all, but do not even compare.

  4. Meagan Loves Bliss!

    No. It’s hard to cuddle a hunk of plastic. 🙁

  5. Sex toys have never killed a spider, mowed the grass, lifted something heavy, or opened a jar.

  6. No, of course not. In absolutely no way whatsover.

    I think its pretty sad when some women say that and I feel sorry for them. They can’t have had much luck with men if they prefer a lump of plastic.

    I like a real, live, hot and hairy hunk of dominant man thank you very much 🙂

  7. 10 points for la Contessa!!

  8. Can they replace a man – NO

    Are they more reliable at giving orgasms – In the most part DEFINITELY

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