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sex shops????

Question by freshguy006: sex shops???? is there any sex shops in biloxi mississippi, if so where, are any surrounding areas Best answer: Answer by LoverBunnyNo I believe that in Mississippi it is illegal to sell sex toys inside of that area…you may get away with buying things online from states who do sell sex toys… but is is definitla no send zone according to my friends at Check this link and you will see that there are other states and/or cities etc. that are sex toy free… though you may be able to find people who do private sex toy parties: in these states. Anyway here is the link: So I guess there would be none in Mississipi..Sorry Give your answer to this question below!

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if a guy uses anal toys?

Question by Jessie P: if a guy uses anal toys? can he still be straight? good cuz i tried an anal toy the other day it was great but i thought i might be gay even though i like women. Best answer: Answer by God is #1i think but i wouldnt do it but it might start to feel really good and you dont want to do it by yourself anymore and you might turn bisexual Give your answer to this question below!

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are phthalate free sex toys safe?

Question by isabella: are phthalate free sex toys safe? what’s your opinion on popular sex toy materials like PVC? even if it says phthalate free, do you think its still safe? or is better to choose a safer material like silicon? Best answer: Answer by Enrique AraujoPhthalates are a class of chemical plasticizers that are frequently added to the plastics used in sex toys (particularly PVC) to increase their flexibility, resulting in a softer, “squishier” feel to the toy material. No safety regulations currently exist for the sex toy industry, which means that any “phthalate-free” claims that adorn sex toy packaging are unverified and may be false. Even though Silicone toys can be a little more expensive, Silicone is soft and lifelike, it is hypo-allergenic, and it warms up quickly to body temperature. It is non-porous and so is easy to clean with mild soap and water It may also be boiled for sterilization to allow for sex-toy sharing without the need for condoms. If you like, you can check, that’s were we get all our toys. The are very discreet, have great prices and awesome costumer service that can help you choose the best for you. Know better? ...

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Teen Sports Gear Fetish Help!?

Question by Mike Olson: Teen Sports Gear Fetish Help!? I’m a boy (15) and have an fetish for sports gear.I do not play any sports so I have no access to gear. I was interested if any one else had this fetish and if it was normal. my parents don’t know.Any responces would be great I have some questions. Thanks. Best answer: Answer by Ben TDo you have a fetish for people in the gear…or the gear by itself? Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

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Adult toys?

Question by spicyromance4u: Adult toys? I Do toy parties. I have had the pleasure of helping some couples that had just LOST the romance and passion. So what are your thoughts? Do you believe more spice in the bedroom enhances a relationship? Best answer: Answer by unique4someof course. if it didn’t you wouldn’t have the job you do. 🙂 Give your answer to this question below!

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Where can I buy “adult toys” for cheap in Washington DC?

Question by ImOuThEreUdigg!!: Where can I buy “adult toys” for cheap in Washington DC? Ok so me and my girlfriend are going to have a freaky weekend. I wanna know where can I buy some adult toys at for cheap? Best answer: Answer by precious227well i know their’s a website called adam and eve and their stuff is pretty cheap.. Give your answer to this question below!

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